The Smith Homestead's Kitchen
The Smith Homestead's Kitchen started out over 10 years ago in the Bernville Area of Berks County as "The Smith Homestead".   From the beginning it was all about working together as a family.  They started as more of a farm, grew crops, raised chickens, and bred and sold pigs.  As time progressed their passion for baking with their products turned into an onsite bakery.  Having a large family meant lots of bulk meal planning and trying out new and exciting flavors.  Now they are passing along the delicious flavors and treats to you and your family.
 Joel & Danielle Smith
Danielle has had the pleasure of being raised in Berks County.  She has a passion for art and is able to express that through her baking.  She is dedictated to her children and loves being able to include them in the family business.

Joel is also a Berks County Native.  He has a passion working with business clients to help them with their growth and success.  Joel is also the primary baker of the breads that are produced at the bakery.  Joel also loves being able to work close with his family on a daily basis.
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